Our Story

Meet Matt and Lindsey. They met in college and started dating after they both moved to Los Angeles. In 2016, they decided it was time to bring a dog into their lives, so they put an expensive deposit down with a breeder on a “designer” puppy out of state.

After doing some research, they learned that about 3.3 million dogs enter shelters and rescues in the US every year. Knowing there were thousands of pups in their own city in need of a home, Matt and Lindsey withdrew their application from the breeder and set their sights on rescuing instead.

That’s when they fell in love with a Staffordshire Terrier named Maeve. Maeve had been rescued off the streets, sick with a deadly disease called parvo, when the shelter first brought her in. But now she was 9 months old, healthy, and ready to be adopted. Matt and Lindsey took Maeve home for a brief foster period, but soon they were certain she had found her forever home and her forever family.

From day one, the couple saw that Maeve was the most loving, happy, and gentle dog they had ever met. She was instantly family, providing companionship, unconditional love, and never-ending laughter. They were so grateful to have this pup in their lives, and it was all because of the shelter that had saved her. Without that shelter, Lindsey and Matt would never have met Maeve. And more importantly, you wouldn’t have met her, either.

Stray Threads is inspired by the millions of rescue pups in need of a home and the compassionate humans we know will give them the love they deserve. Despite their ruff beginnings, a rescue dog’s mission is simple - to provide unconditional love, plant kisses, and maybe get a belly rub or ten.

Stray Threads creates fashion-forward streetwear that supports rescue dogs.